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Rob Wilson

Born in the UK, but now based in Toronto, Canada, Robert Wilson has been a photographer for almost twenty years. His work has mostly consisted of personal documentary projects along with private commercial work. 

This website is mainly devoted to his long-term project 'There is nothing to see here in Scarborough', but also features other recent work.

There is nothing here to see in Scarborough

This is a long term project that documents the Toronto district of Scarborough. Scarborough is well known for its reputation for being dull and dangerous. The reality is different.

This project seeks to dispel this undeserved reputation as well as explore how we relate to our suburban and urban environments. Scarborough may not always be pretty, but there is always something to see here.

Other Work

The 'other work' section features a variety of the best images from some of Rob's other projects. These projects are all recent.